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Mobile Office:  a collaboration with Daniel Currea of DC Studio

Mobile Office:  2020/2021--This "Office on Wheels" is a collaboration with Daniel Currea of DC Studio

A little machining practice:  A second build of the Split Personality Pool Table in Collaboration with Lee Benson of Hurricane Billiards.  The Mods by Lee for this build include changing all of the steel parts to alumninum plate in a slightly thicker plate, and the tops will be Lee's design this time around.  Check out for more.

6330 Project:  WIP.  The contrast of systems gives one a sense of permanence while opening the space to the outside.  The Glass-Line provides the thermal envelope when wanted or needed while the Screen-Line provides protection against the Florida insects while allowing the space to be opened and expanded.

6330 Project WIP.  The  south half of the floating roof plane extends past the east wall with its screen vent and tapered lower edge which is flush with operable clerestory panels to allow hot air which rises to the ceiling, to roll up and out the openings with the slightest breeze.

Gardenia House (unbuilt) 2020

Beach Condos Study

6330 Project--in progress
Existing roof removed from beneath new.

2013--Geared Motion Pool Table
In collaboration with HurricaneBilliards finished up and installed in the client's home in Toronto, CA.

Sports Complex Sketch Concepts

Digital models of CNC machines and parts now available.  Exact models can be used to fabricate components,  parts, & complete machines.

Jean Maurice Nakhla, 1966 - 2015.  Circa February 03, 2015.  Rebuilding the screen enclosure of the Ruskin House.

Recycled Glu-Lam Beams available
From the Ruskin House exterior portion of screen space.

In Progress - 6330 House, Tampa, FL

Now available at, this 120 page, full color book documents the process and finished Ruskin House.

2011--Lynwood Rework
A collaboration with Bill Brinkey, Architect.
Create a floating roof with 5 carefully placed skylights, and clean up volumetrics at street elevations with glazing & masonry blocks & planes.

2011--Davis Island, Structural Re-arrangement.
Remove load bearing walls from interior and clear out space creating vaulted, open living/dining/kitchen space approx. 24'x36'.

A Loft space study--a paperback study of a new kind of living space.  At

Mike Calvino, Mike Rahal, and "Cappy"  1996.

Rahal Remembered

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